We are a Special Forces of IT that could soon be supporting your software development activities.

Our primary weapon is Java Enterprise Edition technology and our staff are all experienced, certified and seasoned ScrumMasters. We’re on red alert! All we’re waiting for is the sign from you to launch ourselves into battle and turn the technological tables in your favour! With Cohesiva on your side, victory CAN be yours!

Imagine that your project is the key battle, the one upon which the fate of the entire Empire hangs...

Your IT army is drained by battle-fatigue, morale is failing, supplies and ammunition aren’t making it through to the front line...
The enemy’s on the attack and winter’s closing in. Fast. Will your team make it through to the spring? That’s a really tough call to make...

Your one and only hope lies in that special unit – the one which could be landing behind enemy lines at any moment...

You know these people. Cohesiva is the crack unit whose HQ spares no expense on their training and equipment...
Battle-ready, no matter what the conditions, they’ve already fought many a seemingly hopeless campaign and they’ve always emerged unscathed and triumphant...

The team is their strength – the best for the best, one for all and all for one...

They have years of training behind them, readying them to launch into THAT kind of mission – the kind that’s normally deemed ‘Impossible’...
And all so as to provide your unit with a respite, coming to their assistance in the counteroffensive that’s approaching with grim inevitability and joining them in the big push which will take them to an all-conquering IT victory...


The Cohesiva mission is to provide close support to our clients’ regular teams of programmers by taking part in joint projects and creating high-quality IT products on demand. To that end, we have put together a team of highly qualified and experienced IT experts , who will never retreat in the face of an IT challenge.

At Cohesiva, we specialise in creating IT systems using Java Enterprise Edition technology and applying the popular Scrum methodology. We possess the requisite expertise both in technical terms, encompassing designer-programmers, system architects and technology leaders, and as regards project and project-team management.



The 3rd UX Workshop organised by WitFlow will take place on the 20th of September in Wrocław As a content partner of the event, it will be us, who will provide you with a design problem. Together we will try to find the solution. In the design process we will use the design studio technique. We encourage you to register to the event. For more go to: 3rd UX Workshop


Tomorrow Wojtek Ganczarski and Emilia Pobiedzińska will open the Geek Girls Carrots meeting in Wrocław with their presentation "A successful merger – taking the stomach to e-business". You're invited! 28.3.2013 New Horizons Cinema 6pm. Free entry! :) Geek Girls Carrots


We’ve come back from 33rd Degree Conference! It was a great experience to listen to top quality Rock Star speakers and meet and learn from almost 1K participants!


We're getting another project going - IT Corner! Get the details: IT Corner


See the report from our move and the opening of our new office! :) Removal!


It is only here that you can see the technologies from around the world. On the CeBIT trade fair starting from Tuesday 5th March and ending on Saturday 9th March 2013 in Hanover, suppliers and users of all industries and sectors that use IT and ICT solutions in their daily work will have a chance to meet there. We will be there :) What about you? CeBIT


We will be presenting at Wro Camp conference held by the Wrocław cluster – Creativro on Wednesday, 5th December 2012. The goal of the project is to support the local innovative business and to inspire enterprise. Register for free and become a member of the Wrocław creative class! Wro Camp Pro


It’s time for the first Cohesiva Summer Picnic – all our co-workers, their friends and loved ones are more than welcome to take a rest and have fun with us – relax in the bosom of nature, barbecue and enjoy the spirit of sporting competition – we’re gonna see some action! ;-)


We are setting to work on the first version of a mobile application designed to help future Project Managers expand and manage their knowledge. The project will be carried out for our new partner – Octigo – a winner of many awards for the world’s best project management training course.


Two of our specialists are visiting the United States in order to participate in a workshop on the prospective development of an internet medical support platform built for one of our clients.


We are joining a consortium of companies in the capacity of a technological partner in a project intended to automate documents circulation for the Ministry of Justice. We’ve notched up our first success – the possibility to register limited liability companies online has become a fact!


For company from IT sector we are currently looking for JEE specialist who are able to work in one of our offices in Wrocław/Kraków and who are open for traveling abroad for a few months. Apply now!


It’s time for Scandinavia! Our two JEE specialists are setting off to Stockholm to take part in a prestigious JEE project on ‘online entertainment’. The project is going to be continued in our office in Wrocław pretty soon...


It's finally official! The office of COHESIVA in Krakow was opened!


Soon! After the quarterly Resets the time has come for our first away-from-the office integration! Great fun awaits ;)


Would you like to get to know us better? Come and see us on a IT Career fairs! On 11th June in The Orbis Hotel in Wroclaw you will have a chance to speak to our company's representatives and find out more about our work!


Four of our best IT experts have started working directly on customer side being a part of long term cooperation between our UK-based development partner and logistics global services company.


First challenging project for our German customer - Tixi GmbH, has been successfully finished. Implementing enterprise architecture on embedded devices was very demanding, though exciting task for us.


We have launched acceptance tests for an integrated system, built to order for our Swiss technological partner, Solution Cockpits Gmbh.


We are embarking upon the decisive phase of Project FanWars, an interactive sports game package for the social networking site, Facebook.


We have become a partner of ITKontrakt, a leader in IT specialist outsourcing.

Work Model

We specialise in the team leasing work model, where our cooperation with the client involves the provision of a project-ready team representing a full cross-section of the skills required to carry out a given assignment and operating either in the client’s environment or from the Cohesiva offices in Wrocław. We offer our clients a choice of project calculation methods; with Cohesiva, your project can be carried out on either a time-and-material or a fixed-price basis. We are currently engaged in active cooperation with clients located in Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the USA.

  • Our offer

    Our offer, detailing our collaboration on IT projects and the skills levels represented by the Cohesiva team members


To date, the Cohesiva team has participated in almost 100 IT projects, emerging victorious after vanquishing many a programming hell. Working, as we do, on the most challenging Java EE projects to be implemented both in Poland and abroad, means that our experience increases with every day, while we win our clients’ confidence and trust and further enhance our team’s qualifications. Our efforts have been recognised and acknowledged by international IT institutions, which, to date, have awarded us 29 professional certificates.

We are at your disposal – any project, any time and any place!

54-429 Wrocław, ul. Strzegomska 138, +48 71 7164304

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